Milan International Furniture Exhibition, Italy

The Milan International Furniture Exhibition will be held in Milan, Italy from April 16th to 21st, 2024.

The Olympics of the Global Furniture Industry

SALONE INTERNATIONAL DEL MOBILE DI MILANO is recognized as one of the world's three major furniture exhibitions and is known as the "Olympic" event of the global furniture industry. It is not only a trading platform for furniture import and export between Italy and countries around the world, but also an annual event eagerly anticipated by global furniture industry professionals, bringing together new design masterpieces and brands. This exhibition is a good platform for domestic enterprises to understand international furniture trends.

Rich Exhibition Content: Since its establishment, the Milan Furniture Exhibition in Italy has continuously enriched its exhibition content, including the Milan International Lighting Exhibition, Milan International Furniture Semi finished Products and Accessories Exhibition, and Milan Design Week series exhibitions, fully reflecting the creativity, technology, and fashion trends of furniture design. It is a trendsetter for international furniture, home furnishings, architecture, accessories, and lighting, representing the top level of furniture and home fashion design in the world.

Strong professionalism: As one of the top exhibitions in the world of furniture and home design, the Milan International Furniture Exhibition and "Milan Design Week" are known as furniture and decoration events due to their great design, excellent layout, and surging crowds. It is an annual "pilgrimage" for professionals in furniture, home furnishings, architecture, clothing, accessories, lighting, and design worldwide.

Great influence: In recent years, the Milan Furniture Exhibition in Italy has increasingly expanded its influence on Chinese design. After being awarded the title of "City of Design" by UNESCO in Shenzhen, it has prompted Chinese designers to go to Milan like a tide to learn and observe. Suitable audience: interior designers, display designers, real estate developers, furniture manufacturers, furniture traders, home stores, furniture designers, and so on. It can also be said that as long as you are interested, Milan will make you feel that this trip is not in vain!

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